If you want to be a Badass Boss, it is essential that you grow your self awareness.

As you grow awareness, you'll notice how you are being, thinking and feeling, which leads to more conscious choices all day long. 

Awareness doesn't happen overnight, its takes daily practice. 

I have created a daily practice just for you, where I guide you for 10 luscious minutes of presencing. During this time, your ONLY job is to be here now

I like to do my practice early in my day, before I dive into my work, but many of the executives that I work with have found they prefer to do theirs in the middle of the day or even before bed. 

Choose what feels optimal to you and my challenge to you is that you make a presencing practice, part of your everyday life, rain or shine. 

Do your own experiment and see what results begin to show up for you. Many people report that they have more patience, feel more in touch with their bodies or feel more steady. 

Cheers to you in all the ways you are growing you skills and creating the life and work you love! 

Enjoy, Grace