Congratulations! You made it to the last video in our Igniting Genius Leaders Video Training Series. You've already explored the value of feedback and purpose and you're well on your way on your conscious leadership path. (If you missed one of the videos or you want to review them, you can see them here: Feedback and Purpose. 

Today we're focusing on the concept of Genius. Genius is not something that only a few select people have, rather, it's your own unique gifts and passions. It's what you are doing when time seems to stand still. It's so easy for you that you don't recognize you are doing it. You would do it for free (and often do) because its so natural to you and you feel so enlivened by it.  

The Genius worksheet is designed to give you a wake up call. It lets you look at your day to day life and how you are using your time in the quadrants of incompetence, competence, excellence and genius. It is also an opportunity to notice whether the way you are using your time and energy is draining you or feeding you. Once you become aware of this you can begin to make adjustments with your time, your focus and your choices, that will allow you to move in the direction of living from your genius. You can see the genius worksheet here. I'd love to hear your comments and questions below. 

I've had so many requests for next steps and questions about how you can keep going on this path of conscious leadership and I truly don't believe there's one answer for everyone. That's why our programs director and One Shift Coach, Meghan Neeley is opening up her calendar to have one-on-one conversations with anyone who's interested in continuing along this path. We have options that include one:one coaching support, weekend trainings and the Igniting Genius Leaders Immersion, a five month advanced mentorship program. 

Book your appointment now, and get support on your next steps!