I am delighted to publish this blog after almost a year-long hiatus from writing. My team and I have been busy developing my new organization: OneShift - Igniting Genius Leaders.  

There is more to be revealed about OneShift, and I will be in touch to keep you in the loop piece-by-piece. We plan to launch the new website this Fall, and in the meantime we will be sending newsletters filled with tools, practices and inspiration for conscious living and leadership.

One of my favorite topics these days is Presence. In my opinion, you cannot be a conscious leader without developing this skill. My definition of Presence is that you are aware of what is occurring right now. The place to begin developing the awareness of right now is whatever is happening inside of you. Three ways to focus on what is happening in this “now” moment are:

1) What current body sensations do you notice? You might notice the feeling of your feet against the floor, a pressure in your chest, or a buzzing in your head.

2) What is your current emotional state? Choose from the five core feelings of Anger, Fear, Joy, Sexual/Creative and Sadness. You may be feeling two or three of these feelings all at the same time.

3) What is the next thought that crosses your mind? This is literally noticing the next thought and speaking it. 

For me, in this moment, I notice a pulling between my shoulder blades and a pressure in my belly. I feel sadness, sexual/creative feelings, and joy. The next thought that ran across my mind is, "I better get downstairs to cut up the onions for dinner.” 

What I notice from taking a moment to describe my body sensations, feelings, and thoughts is a palpable sense of awareness, a deeper breath, and a feeling of spaciousness. This week, I invite you to try this presencing practice once a day, becoming aware of your current body sensation, feeling, and thought. If you want to take this practice one step further, speak them out loud to someone else. 

I look forward to sharing the riches with you that have changed my life and set me on this path.