Investing in your 401K is a common practice, but how regularly do you invest in your spiritual bank account? How often do you dedicate yourself to going inward, meditating, listening, or praying? This is an essential investment, one that has given back to me ten hundred fold.

Some symptoms that your account is low are:

  • feeling disconnected from yourself or others

  • a lack of joy in simple things

  • feeling empty, dry, or brittle

  • feeling burned out

I personally make a deposit almost everyday and when I don’t, my whole day feels different. I feel “off”, less in touch with my intuition, or I easily get stressed out. We all have loads of things to tend to in our busy lives, with our work, our bodies, our homes, our children, our relationships, and the list goes on. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and think that there isn’t enough time, but what I’ve found is that with regularity, a little bit of time goes a long way.

 My husband Jack and I do a practice together each morning. We roll out our yoga mats on the bedroom floor, light a candle, and practice yoga for twenty minutes, followed by a silent meditation for fifteen minutes. After we meditate, we might gaze into each others eyes, or we share our thoughts before jumping into the day. I feel more connected to myself and to Jack starting my mornings this way.

Here is a way you can invest:

  • Start with 15 minutes as your goal. If that means that you set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier in the morning, do it. Create the most potency by layering practices up. I use the insight timer app on my phone, which lets me select from gongs, bells, or chimes, and you can set it at intervals of three so that you devote five minutes to each practice as a starting place.

  • Meditate: Tune into your intention for the day before you begin and bring that intention to your practice. To open up your creative thinking, breathe with curiosity.

  • Move: Stretch, breathe, or practice yoga. If you want guidance, has a selection of classes for all levels that range from 3-45 minutes long.

  • Write: Start with writing a question that you want to explore at the top of the page and then see what answers come when you allow yourself to write in a stream of consciousness.  

And here’s another truth: these kinds of habits are incremental, which means that each day you do it, the power grows.

The point of this practice is to open up your vitality, your breath, and your passion and cultivate your connection with God, universe, spirit.

 Use your imagination, find what you love, and create your own practice. Make daily deposits into your spiritual bank account and drink from the well of your practice to replenish and add to the richness of your life.

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