• Have you created success in your life, yet still feel that something is missing?
  • Do you feel satisfied that you are living your deepest purpose?
  • Are you leading with authenticity? 
  • Are your relationships joyous and high-functioning?


You are ready for is a paradigm shift that is not about rearranging the chess pieces, but about playing a whole new game.

A new game means stepping into the unknown, letting go of the familiar in order to find the new. These steps can be terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. 

Grace is a deeply resourceful guide who walks her talk and has years of experience on the journey herself. You can count on the full force of her attention and the creative repertoire of her coaching skills to support you. When you work with her, you will feel like you have someone in your corner who is grounded in integrity and committed to serving and bringing out your greatness.

*Coaching can be done in person, via Skype, or over the phone, depending on your location.


Relationships are one of our greatest mirrors. Who we are in our relationships reflects us to ourselves with unflinching clarity. You can tell more about someone by the way they treat their intimate partner than you can by any other way they present themselves. It shows us when we are judgmental, defensive, or closed and gives us the opportunity to rethink our beliefs and open our hearts rather than build walls. For this reason, relationship is the ultimate spiritual path, and offers us the opportunity for the fastest transformation. It constantly presents us with the challenge to love and embrace in the very situations that we are most prone to defend and reject. Relationship offers us our greatest challenges and our most profound rewards. 

Whether you have been together for many years or are just starting out, coaching is for couples who want to take their relationship to the next level of consciousness, intimacy, and love. Grace will help identify your unique combination of strengths, blind spots, and gifts as a couple. Through authentic conversations, she’ll help you face what isn’t being faced and create playful ways to shift outdated dynamics into new possibilities. Grace will be your ally through the entire process, and help you see your partner as your ally, which is one of the most important paradigm shifts that can happen in a relationship.

Sometimes relationships come to their own natural endings. We have out grown the relationship, or realize it is no longer serving us. Conscious endings are as important as conscious beginnings. Grace will help you to get fully complete in the relationship, which includes clearing up any withheld communication, expressing all key feelings, including love, appreciation, and handling logistics. With healthy completion, you won’t repeat the patterns with your next partner. You can move on with an open heart and reap the learning and gifts from the relationship.

*Coaching can be done in person, via Skype, or over the phone, depending on your location.


Intensives are an opportunity for individuals or couples to explore and focus without distraction for a longer period of time. Think of them as a mini-retreat. These retreats are beneficial when something has reached a critical point in your life, or as a jump-start in the beginning of our work together. Some couples prefer a monthly half-day immersion intensive to doing weekly coaching. Expect time for reflection and communing with nature to be built into these sessions. Intensives can be structured as half-day, full-day, or 2-day sessions.

Grace will either travel to your location, or you can come to work with her in Scotts Valley, California, where there is an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor activities.