Grace Clayton demonstrates what she teaches. When you work with her she models authenticity and loving presence. Her creative spirit and on-the-spot innovation skills accelerate learning and transformation for singles, couples and companies.

– Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD


Grace Clayton is an extraordinary woman who has the genius of being an agent of transformation while having a blast.

– Jim Dethmer – Chicago, IL


I want to let you know how much I appreciate you for the huge role you’ve played in me manifesting shifts in my life. I’m more comfortable in my own skin. I feel a sense of playfulness, awareness and openness like never before. I have friendships that are amazingly supportive and loving and intimate. I appreciate your wisdom, your training and those times when you gently and lovingly kick me in the ass.

– Roy Biacalana – Florida


Grace is simply at the very top of her field with regard to relationship coaching. I have gotten more out of 3 sessions with Grace than in 7 months of relationship counseling. I do not use these words lightly; as a doctor it has been my privilege to work with several research doctors who are in the pool of researchers. Grace is without reservation part of the unique few whom comprise the highest level for what she does professionally and personally.

– Lawrence Sosna N.D. PhD, HHP


In beginning my work with Grace I have found a comfort level in life that I did not think was possible. I am able to appreciate day to day, moment to moment experiences on a totally different level than before. I have a greater appreciation of my power within not only my mind, but my entire body. With her help, I have opened a totally different world to play in, and now look forward to exploring it with her along for the ride.

– Michael Wright – Chicago, IL


Working with Grace gave me the knowledge and tools that literally saved my marriage. My husband and I now have the relationship we always knew was possible.

– Joanie DeNeff – Santa Cruz, CA


When I went to work with Grace Clayton I covered more and learned more in one session with her than I had in three months of work with other therapists. Grace has a unique way of incorporating many different modalities and skills to help the individual open up and get down to the root of whatever they need to work on. She is clear, open and direct with her guidance and if one is really ready to help themselves but may not know how to do that, Grace is the one that can guide you there!

– Sienna Gregan – Santa Cruz, CA


My wife and I both agree that theory is fine, but most relationship books are super thin on proven techniques which one can apply immediately to get results. Grace supplies the how-to-do-it techniques; with great skill and playfulness, thus we have obtained immediate results. It is now possible to embrace and utilize my anger, rather then being sapped by such a valid and vital emotion. I look forward each week to new discoveries working with Grace.

– Julien – California


In working with Grace, I have gained clarity and awareness about key issues in my life. Grace’s gentle and firm guidance supported me in facing things that I was afraid to take charge of. Soon my outer experiences started to change, as a reflection of what I was changing inside. Now I am living more authentically and in congruence with my desires. I’m not just on the sidelines hoping for my wishes to come true, I am going after them in a conscious way.

– Nikita Gupta, Los Angeles, CA


In Grace’s presence, I feel fully seen, my soul illumined by the light of her deep wisdom and fierce compassion. She manages to reach beyond whatever construct I have of myself, of my issues, into the heart of what Is and then holds space for me to breathe and “be with” a deeper truth.

– Joy Hosey – Ashland, OR


Working with Grace is changing the way I live my life. She is so alive and awake in her work, I am inspired to be that alive and awake in my life! Each time I work with her, I learn new tools for communicating with greater ease and authenticity. My husband and I are growing the relationship of our dreams. I am forever grateful.

– Pamela Chambers , MD – Santa Cruz, CA


Grace, You are a merchant of reality. Vibrating from that authentic place, everything that comes into your field gets more real. There is a sphere around you that has so much truth.

– Mark Borax – Astrologer


In 13 years devoted to the path of transformation, I never experienced anything like the Immersion and Life Coach Certification with Grace. I was able to get down to the very root of my being and change patterns I hadn’t even imagined were changeable as well as gain the tools to guide others towards accessing their own power. Thank you Grace, for your fierce love and commitment to sharing your genius.

– Meghan Neeley – Santa Cruz, CA